Virtual Laser Keyboard For Innovation Lovers

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Customer Reviews

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An awesome product
Nan's Gaming Gear

This is an awesome product. It comes with a nicely designed phone stand. I can put my phone there, and start typing at ease. At the back of the device, there is a metal plate for enhancing stabilization of itself. It could be operated as a portable charger if I need urgent power.

Has a cool app too!

I bought this as a gift for a friend. It has a corresponding app that is very cool. The fact that you can type AND play piano is awesome.

Works great on multiple devices

This Serafim Keybo is a great projected keyboard. I have tried it on many devices using both bluetooth and USB and it works great. I purchased it for use with a Raspberry Pi and it detected it no problem. Also tested on Kindle Fire and Samsung Note 9.The key responsiveness is good and accurate. There is no tactile feedback as you would have with normal keys, but a 'click' audio cue works well. Would not use it to replace a keyboard on a desktop, but would for typing documents on a tablet or phone, or for fun projects.

Pretty Brilliant

I was surprised at how well this worked. It’s a quality product. Long charge. It’s beautiful and super accurate.

Fabulous Gift!
Vicarious Heroine

We gave to our son as a gift and he was shocked he never heard of it before and LOVED it. Oddly, he loved the keyboard function as well. He does a lot of traveling and uses his phone often 24/7 for resolving work situations. This makes utilizing his phone for work even more convenient particularly when he is traveling and doesn't want to break out his laptop. He had very little learning curve to use the keyboard.

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