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Customer Reviews

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LOVE this Humidifier for the Nursery

Love this humidifier. I did a ton of research for the perfect humidifier for our nursery and I am super happy with this on. We use for our son's room and it's just awesome. Here are the highlights:PRO's -- Super quiet- Sleek- Simple to use and hook and unhook for daily refilling- Super easy cleaning (the output spout comes off so you can fully clean the cylinder, I use a bottle brush and it works great).- Small, but good outputCON's -- The light! Don't really know why the power light is so bright, but we just turn it around in our son's nursery and move the little output spout. Works fine.- The beep. It beeps when you turn on and off. This doesn't bother me like other people have commented, I simply turn it on before bedtime and off after he wakes up.I am so happy with my decision. The pros SO outweigh the cons.

So worth breaking our first (other brand) one!

Purchased this humidifier after midnight when my husband accidentally broke the cute owl humidifier in our sons room by Crane. I have to say I am so glad it broke and I bought this one!Pros:- you can detach the plugin from the base! This way I can empty the base every day (like you're supposed to) without having to get to the outlet. Amazing how something so small makes it so wonderful.- it's extremely quiet you almost don't know it's on- the night light is great for a little extra light when the baby wakes up unexpectedly at 3am and you want to change him but don't want to turn on the bedroom light.-I love how much water it holds and that it seems to last 2-3 days depending on the high or low settingCons:- I hate that It beeps when you are setting the speed and light. I worry it will wake my son so set it up ahead of time- I wish there were separate settings for the speed and light. Sometimes I want it on high and hate having to press the button four times.Overall it's well worth the money!

Amazing company and great product

UPDATE to original reviewOriginally, I was disappointed with the product because of the blue light that glows when the machine is running. I am a very light sleeper and need a very dark room and the glow from the light was a bit too much for me. However, the machine always worked exactly as described. This humidifier is so incredibly quiet when it is running, provides a perfect amount of cool mist, is easy to clean, and has a large reservoir. I own one other cool mist humidifier and one warm mist humidifier and this one is by far the quietest and the easiest to clean. Now after owning it for a few months, I am totally satisfied with not only the product itself, but with the customer service from this small business. The company reached out to me voluntarily to say they have offered a solution for my slight disappointment. In all the years I have shopped on Amazon - and I am a very frequent shopper on here - I have NEVER had a company reach out to me with a solution that went above and beyond what was needed. I am truly blown away by their customer service and the way they stand behind the products they sell.

So Far, So Great!
Tracy Johnson

So for the last several weeks, I have been experiencing the negative effects of dry air in my home, particularly in my bedroom. My nose has been dry and sore with inflamed nasal passages along with my nose running "like a sugar tree" . Sleeping with a fan as I have done for the past 15+ years became impossible. I don't know about you, but that combination makes for a miserable sleep. Anywho, I had never needed or used a humidifier until this purchase. Let's just say that my dreams have returned and I'm waking up to a nice mist rather than a pillow of Kleenex and a sore nose. Life is good.After researching and reading reviews of several products, I settled on this Ultrasonic model and I couldn't be happier with my choice. It's a simple setup - add water, plug in and select low or high speed (both give the option of turning the blue light on or off).The Ultrasonic is whisper quiet with the occasional echo of water, not dripping, but a soft cascade as if it were a mini water fall. I find it rather soothing, a bit of "white noise" which is good because I haven't plugged my fan back in as yet. The water reservoir is easy to fill (I use distilled water) and it's ready to go. The mist is cool, not overpowering and not "smoky" and you can turn the nozzle into the desired direction.Ok, there you have it! I'm Happy and a bit Sleepy now!

MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - Works Great!
Megan Moklestad

This humidifier has done wonders for me. I have found that in the winter time, I tend to have a very dry nose and throat, which causes me to get frequent nose bleeds and wake up with a sore throat. I searched for small humidifiers that I could keep in my apartment room, to try to lessen the occurrence of these problems.I would recommend this product to someone who has issues during the winter with dry nose, throat, skin, and lips.This product works great! I have found that I only need to refill the water supply once a week. This humidifier is quiet and doesn't make any noise or emit any light, which I personally enjoy. So far, this humidifier has helped me wake up feeling well refreshed and ready to start the day. I have noticed that since buying this humidifier, I have, in fact, reduced the amount of nose bleeds and sore throats I get.The great thing about this specific humidifier, is it has four different settings and a nightlight. Setting one is low with no light, setting two is low with light, setting three is high with light, and setting four is high with no light. It gives you the option to take advantage of the light, or if you prefer to have no light, that is possible as well. In some cases, the room you put the humidifier in might not be that large, so you can get by with keeping the humidifier on a low setting. Often times the room you place your humidifier in is decent sized and will need to be placed on the higher setting. Either way, you have the option to choose what is best for you and your needs.

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