Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Customer Reviews

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K. Johnson
These headphones blew my mind.

I didn't know that I was an audiophile until recently, when I realized how insane it was that I had 5 pairs of headphones for different situations in life, and was pre-ordering the q30's. However, they were the last piece of the puzzle. I was looking for a very decent pair of headphones to get half the experience of my Sony XM3's, at a fraction of the cost. This way I could be rough on them and not worry about breaking them. I WAS NOT expecting this level of quality, even though I have extreme faith in anker and subsidies.When I received my q30's, I opened the box and could immediately feel quality. These are very well crafted headphones.Now instead of going into paragraphs of details to tell you about them I am going to keep it short and sweet, in comparison to the Sony XM3's. Keep in mind this is my personal experience, yours may differ.Q30 vs XM3Q30 is 90% as good at noise cancellingQ30 has 85% of the soundscapeQ30 is 20% heavierQ30 is 95% as comfortableQ30 is less then 30% of the priceBuy them now and don't second guess.

Terra Nova
Best sound and noise cancelling in this price range

I've been using these for over a month now and still love them. They are incredibly comfortable and the sound quality is amazing. The bass is a bit heavy, but I enjoy hearing the low notes with a little more punch.Originally, I took a gamble on these because several reviews commented on the mic quality being horrible and I was planning to use them for work meetings and music. As soon as they arrived I connected them and tried calling a co-worker. He agreed my voice sounded weird and muffled, so with some dismay, I switched to my webcam mic. But my music has never sounded better. Several reviewers said they hoped a future firmware update might fix the mic quality, so I took another gamble and waited. Sure enough, last week a firmware update was released. I quickly installed it and tried calling the same co-worker. He noted a significant improvement in the clarity of my voice. So, I no longer have any complaints with these.I had the q20 before these (which also sound good, but don't have the app EQ functionality), nor did they have the transparency mode of the q30. speaking of which, transparency mode actually improves my normal ability to hear quieter sounds in the house, or converse with someone, when needed. The ability to turn on an off transparency mode by holding my hand on the right earcup works about 95% of the time, but the button on the left earcup always works. I don't think the right earcup is in any way defective, but it has something to do with how much of my hand is touching it.Also, one added bonus I discovered is the ability to simultaneously pair the q30 to both my iPhone and Windows 10 PC. I don't remember that being advertised as a feature with these (but I may have missed it), either way, it works! I sometimes have to manually tell my laptop to re-connect to them at the beginning of the day, but it's a minor inconvenience. Bluetooth 5 works great...I can walk anywhere upstairs and down and can even go out to the mailbox with only minor distortion.

Frequent Shopper
ASD Life Changing

If you know some or are Autistic these are a dream come true. I will try to give as much detail as possible. At the bottom is a pros & cons list.I was diagnosed with Autism last year. I have now lived 40 years on this planet in agony thanks to the sounds other humans make, especially with our electronics. On top of the other physical sensation that are painful. I have often thought if I could choose to lose an ability I would choose to lose my sense of hearing.Id gladly give up the pleasant sounds & safety to have silence.About 20 minutes after wearing the Soindcore Anker Life Q30 wireless noise canceling headphones I was testing all the fans & humans in my house. When I turned on the dryer there was such a sense of relief I started crying. I don’t cry often & I’m not super emotional. It was close to the feeling of holding my daughter for the first time... that’s not hyperbole. I explain Autism like spending your entire life at Chuck E. Cheese’s or Disneyland. It’s fantastic for a typical person for a few hours or a couple days but it’s exhausting & draining too. I don’t enjoy concerts because of the pain & ear plugs are never adequate. Though I do wear earplugs often, have extra ones in my cars, purse, wife carries them & I think my daughter does too.These headphones are not perfect but they are life changing & so far (for 2 hours) they are great. I will update if anything ever changes.My Dr. is writing a prescription so I can use $ from the health savings account because these are medically necessary for me. I will be buying a second pair to wear while these charge & I am considering the ear buds too for when I don’t want to be so obvious. My assumption is those won’t cancel as much because they won’t wrap my ear.I waited so long to buy noise canceling headphones because over the ear headphones always hurt my outer ear when I was younger so I thought these would do the same.They don’t press on my ear they go around my ear & I have pretty big ears.Pros -* they block out a TON of noise, even the sound of my own heartbeat, stomach digesting & footsteps... the internal noise is muted quite a bit.* are comfortable around my ears & do not slip.* easy to turn on & off transparency mode (so you can hear people more clearly). You just place your right hand over the right headphone & boom it’s on or off.* the app is easy to use.* the app has an equalizer that’s pretty great too. I’ve already set up the perfect music setting with not too much base or treble. Also for audiobooks it’s fantastic because I can adjust it. Some books hurt to listen to because of high pitched sounds it too much bass in the voice.* for iPhone iOS 14 it offers a widget so I can easy change settings if I need to.* you can use an Auxiliary cord too!* has 2 microphones which was not a concern but I’m pretty happy about.* I have been impressed with other Anker products so they are building a decent name brand.Cons* I notice the weight. My scale says .6 lbs which is about 1/3 of a lb.* the top band presses on my head and is uncomfortable. I will either get used to it or it will cause me pain over time. No way of telling which way my body will go. For most typical people I doubt it would be noticeable. For anyone with Autism it should be a consideration. For me personally the pros greatly outweigh the cons.* the only way to control the levels of sound dampening is through the app or use of noice cancelling & transparency mode. This means you must have a digital device if you want to control what types of sound are blocked or allowed. This is not a great feature for Luddites or anyone who doesn’t really enjoy having their phone around all the time.So far that’s what I know. They are not perfect but if you’ve lived your life if physical pain & mental anguish because you ear EVERYTHING I recommend these.

Rian D. Fowler
Delicious sound, solid build

'- Clean punchy bass + mids, crisp highs - you won't be disappointed by the sound especially for this price- 7.5/10 on loudness. definitely loud enough but I wish it could go up just another 1-2 levels- build quality seems solid- metal band and physical buttons (no capacitive touch nonsense here). physical buttons- usb c charging is +++- comfort seems solid- I have a big head and was able to listen for a couple of hours without any issues- supports dual pairing. pairing was really fast and straight forward- arrives inside the hard case

Best ANC headphones at this price range.

Bought these because I needed some noise cancelling head phones. Watch a bunch of youtube videos and found these were the best of my options. I have bought other noise cancelling headphones in the past in the 50 dollar price range and I would say these definitely feel more premium. The app is a nice touch but honestly I don't use it much. Compared to other headphones I had in this price range these are just slightly better at ANC. I found most headphones at this price range rely on the ear cushions to block out most of the noise. These headphones do the same but do a great job at that, so much so I rarely turn on the ANC. I gave the noise cancelling only 4 stars because it's not as good as Bose or Sony but they are still amazing for this price range.

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