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Customer Reviews

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Strongly recommend purchase

My watch was delivered and fully charged it currently sitting at 63% battery life left.The sleep tracking is all right. I've always been sketchy on sleep tracking devices I know it's not 100% accurate because I've woken up in the middle of the night and when I checked it in the morning it didn't register I was awake.The mobile app is so easy to work. It's really straightforward simple to maneuver around.I strongly recommend this watch for those who don't want to spend the god-awful amounts for iwatches or whatever they're called. I placed an order for my son which should be delivered today and my best friends watch should be showing up Wednesday.I love the feature on the watch to find your phone I lose my phone all the time as does my best friend. Even when your phone is on silent it will make your phone ring and you can find it.I will come back and rewrite my review if I have anything negative to say in a couple months but as of right now I gave it five out of five stars.

Elle Cee
Better than I could have hoped for

I purposefully bought this out of a desire to avoid paying hundreds for an Apple Watch or another popular brand and I'm not disappointed! The band is extremely comfortable to wear and very sturdy. To be honest the band is even better quality than some more expensive smart watches I've owned.Pros: It literally does everything I wanted it to do: sleep ng, calculates my calories during my workouts, and has a timer. Beyond that it has some fantastic features I wasn't expecting for the price like the breathing function I can activate when I'm stressed, it vibrates when I get a call so I never miss calls anymore, a sedentary reminder, and I get my calendar alerts as well as alarms. You can use it to find your phone too and it works! the connectivity is phenomenal, once it's linked to your phone you don't have to link it again. The battery life is like they say, 10 days. I have already bought 2 more for family as gifts.Cons: The sleep ng doesn't record REM. The main displays are not the most attractive, and there aren't many options. The wrist sense feature is a bit slow so you may have to dramatically turn your wrist or use the side button to see the screen. Finally, I had to exchange my pink watch for black. The pink started changing colors only after a few days.Overall, for the price and all the features it comes with, I would buy 10 more in a heartbeat. It works as well if not better than some smart watches I've owned that were more than double the price.

Great alternate for a smartwatch

Absolutely love this watch. Bought it for my son instead of an expensive brand name because of price and I'm so glad I did. It feels like it's well made, it works exactly the same and my son loves it. I compared with my name brand (pink) and it's just as accurate with steps. Battery seems to last longer. Charging is easier and fast.I was afraid the quality was going to suffer for price but it didnt. It's pretty good quality. It also even came with a sturdy box. I'd even recommend as a gift.

Paul the music lover
Money WELL spent

I was a Fitbit Versa user which was great until Google took it over. At that time I would get the notifications I didn't want ("Just 1000 more steps to go!!!!") and stopped getting the ones I needed, like SMS and email. I went shopping and almost didn't get this watch because it seemed too good to be less then $40. Boy, was I surprised! It was everything I expected. I couldn't be more pleased.The pairing was painless. The app just found the watch and grabbed it. BOOM. The mobile app is so much easier to navigate and understand compared to the Fitbit. I was able to turn off the cheer-leading notifications and turn on the important ones. Every app I need notifications from was listed and available. It was so simple. Notifications are swift and consistent.The mobile app gives me the information I'm interested in. Number of miles I walked, how well I slept, my heart rate, etc. Everything is easy to find and understand. I charge the watch only when I shower. In the morning, it is usually at around 85% and is back to 100% by the time I put it back on. I could easily go a couple of days between charges if I wanted. The charging cable snaps on easily and provides instant feedback when connected. No guess-work there. The default face is pretty good with easy-to-read time, Bluetooth connectivity, battery lever, day and date. There are available alternatives with less information.You're not going to get the world for $40, so here is a list of what the watch is lacking, IMHO. None of this was important to me, but might be to you.1) Adjustable vibrations, ideally intensity, but at least duration.2) Auto-adjusting face brightness. I keep it at the middle setting which is too much at 2AM and not enough out in the sunlight.3) The music-control screen should also show current artist & title information.4) A wider variety of clock faces especially some that can show weather and fitness information.5) There are some apps I can't get notifications from as they are not available options. Paypal is one example. This is not a big deal since Paypal also sends emails, and those notifications I *do* get.I have already had an email exchange with Customer Service talking about some of the items above. They got back to me within a few hours with clear answers. They seemed glad to hear from me and thanked me for my suggestions.This watch does everything that is important to me and I couldn't be more pleased to have it on my wrist. I'm going to buy a second charging cable to take with me when I travel.

Great inexpensive smart watch

First of all, this is my first smart watch and my review is based on an iphone usage, I have been weighing the urge to buy the apple smart watch but I really find it so expensive to own. My main goal in having a smart watch was to be able to monitor my heart beat since I have been diagnosed with an arrythmia few years ago. The watch came in a box not as fancy as apple's or fitbit but the quality of the product is far more important, it also comes with an english manual and a cord charger. The manual is readable but can improve on the content continuity on how to set up and use of the smart watch. In the manual it will ask you to make sure to full charge the watch prior to use but the watch comes fully charge so it would only take you a few seconds to be notified it's 100% charged. Fitness wise, this watch can measures heart rate, has an accelerometer and monitor your workout goals such as running, walking, hiking, Climbing, Treadmill and yoga. For girls, it also monitors your period if you want it enabled. The watch can also receive messages but with limited number of characters, this would not be a con unless your sender writes a long message, most often I can read messages from the watch. It's quite cool that the watch can receive messages from your normal sms, facebook app, wechat, twitter, instagram, linkedln, whatsapp,viber, line, skype, kakao talk etc. You will also be notified for an incoming call from your phone. It can also control your phone music stop, play, forward, previous in whatever music app you are playing on the phone. You will have to download the VeryFitPro app to bind your phone with the smart watch then you can set your goals and notifications then you're good to go. It also monitors your sleep ie. deep sleep, light sleep etc. which you can see the details in the VeryFitPro app. If you want a smart watch that you can leave your phone and answer sms or calls, this is not the one for you but for the basic functions, it is way better to buy this one because of the price. I had this watch for a week now and I still have about 32% battery time. The Cons: can not answer messages or calls, no siri/alexa, no maps available but I can live with that. I believe this watch has a 12 month warranty as well. The watch is actually light that you can sleep on with it. Overall, I am enjoying this watch and have in fact been telling my friends and co workers about it.

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