Shower Head With Additional Filters For Your Silky Skin

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Customer Reviews

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A. Caridi
It Works!

I kept seeing a similar item advertised on FB and my little girl has long curly hair and very low water pressure in her shower so showers were taking forever. I went on and looked for something that looked just like the photo of the product I saw on FB, and this item does so even though it had a different brand name they looked identical. I just popped it onto the hose on my daughter's shower, turned on the water, and voila! WATER PRESSURE! I just have to figure out how to turn on all 3 water flow settings because I only saw 2 . . .

Tommy Lee
Well worth it! My bum feels so clean!

This thing is amazing!I have been plagued with low pressure issues since I moved into my rental.A hard day at work can only be remedied by a nice and satisfying shower, which I was definitely not getting. Being in a back house caused the water pressure from the shower to be extremely lackluster. After two years, I decided enough was enough!Found this and bought it because of the great reviews.I also bought the other recommended items; the hose and the diverter/holder. Install was extremely easy, and everything feels pretty solid. I used the packaged plumber's tape to ensure that there were going to be no leaks.At that point I was anxious to turn this bad boy on, so I Stripped buck naked and hop in.Freaking GLORIOUS.The water pressure was strong. The 3 modes are nice, and I prefer the second setting. Water feels softer, but that might be a placebo effect. Nothing else I can say other than I got no regrets!Stay clean my friends!

Tiktok made me buy it & I love it😊

I saw this shower head all over Tiktok. I thought, I need a new shower head, why not 🤷🏾‍♀️... best shower head EVER! It's like a pressure washer for your hair & body. It rinses heavy thick conditioner out of my thick natural hair with no problem. Rinsing off in the shower is a breeze. The pressure is amazing! And it uses less water than normal shower heads, you will love this. Buy it, buy it, buy it you won't be disappointed.

Ibuytoo Much
Wowwee. I'm ordering more.

This shower head is awesome!! 10 stars if I could.Already bought one for the guest bedroom. Rain mode makes a whirlwind and blows the shower curtain around it is so strong. Massage mode is like a pressure washer. I leave it in the middle mode.I think I'll buy some for Christmas presents


Replaced a shower-head that had Low water pressure.. This thing screwed right in without any crazy installation, and it was like Niagara falls crashing down in the shower. Water prettier like never before. It is so powerful, it creates an actual breeze in my shower, no joke. Walk by the opening to the shower and an actual gust comes out if the shower is running. It also does a fantastic job at getting soap out of a loofa, I don’t know that it’s ever been so clean. Same with my hair. I’ve probably never rinsed all the shampoo out of my hair until I used this typhoon maker. My hair feels amazing It really is worth every cent. And when this one eventually stops working I’ll be happy to buy another one provided it holds out for a decent amount of time. PRO We have well water and turns my Shower and tub brown THIS ONE DOES NOT I have not had any brown stain in weeks. I wanted to try this out for some time before I left a review.....

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