RC Drone With 720P Camera

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Customer Reviews

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P. Bergin
Ridiculously good for the price!

tl;dr: if you're interested in drones but not willing to dump a bunch of money, just go buy this thing, it's a great deal--I've been wanting a quadcopter for a long time, then I finally broke down and got this with three batteries - for less than $70.Each battery gives you about 8 minutes of flying time, and by the time I started on the third one, I was flying confidently, within a few feet of trees, fences, and other obstacles. I took it up to about 100' above the ground, and 200' away horizontally with no loss of control.It can theoreretically go further, but the WIFI connnection started breaking up at 150'. Not a problem, since the included controller still worked, but I would have lost control if I was flying with only the phone. Definitely use both at once - the controller unit is a million times better for controlling altitude and direction than the phone app, but only the phone app seems to work for photos and videos. You will need to supply your own micro sd card to record images.Once you learn to adjust the trim settings, the machine is very stable and easy to controlThe manual, on the other hand, is an incomprehensible pile of rubbish - leave it in the box and find one of the many online reviews that have instructions. Here's a very basic startup using just the included controller:- unfold the drone's arms...and don't forget to snap the prop guards into place- long-press the power button on the drone, and set it on a flat, level surface- turn on the controller- push left stick all the way forward, then all the way back- drone should now be connected to controller- push both sticks down and to the right to calibrate. If you're on level ground, this works well. If you aren't, be prepared for the thing to zoom off in a random direction at launch- press the take off button. The drone will go up about 8' and hover. It should stay very still if there's no wind. If it doesn't, use the trim buttons to compensate until it's steady- be careful with the left joystick; it's very easy to lose track of which way the thing will move once you spin it. Keeping the machine's butt toward you is the least confusing way. There is a "headless mode" that keeps the direction of travel relative to you no matter which way it's facing, but I haven't gotten that to work yet.- once you've run through the batteries (a bit over 20 minutes of flying), go look up how to use it with your phone while they recharge. The app you need is called "JY UFO" and is available for both IOS and Android devices- finally (this should be first, but let's be realistic, you'll be flying this thing five minutes after it's delivered), look up the relevant state and federal laws, especially if you're within five miles of an airport

M. LeClair
First drone, loads of fun

So I've wanted one of these things for a few years now, and never jumped on the bandwagon. I finally did. The controls took some getting used to. The controller is about the size of an xbox controller, but the controls are decidedly different. It's still a bit for me to fly because I keep wanting to use left joystick for forward and backwards, but that's up and down vertically on this hah. I recommend not starting out indoors, especially if you have small children. My toddler was thoroughly freaked out when it started flying, especially since it immediately shot to the left (I had to adjust the trim to get it to fly level- it has buttons for that purpose but I'd recommend starting outside). The batteries don't last a ton, but you expect that with small cells and a high drain application; thankfully this came with 3 of them. The camera is very wide angle. My only wish is that the controller mount for the cellphone was a bit bigger. My note 10+ *just* fits, but not with the case. If you have anything besides a phablet, it'll probably fit just fine. The application you can download to control it with phone (and view camera) works very well, and is pretty easy to set up as long as you disable the auto-switching in wifi so your phone stops trying to get to a network that actually has internet. (*The app connects via wifi, not bluetooth). Overall a lot of fun for the little I've gotten out to fly it. It's November in upstate NY and the weather on days off is hit or miss at this point in the year. Since I'm still not a great pilot itll get put away for the winter, but I am looking forward to breaking it back out in the spring!

tim h
Fantastic drone with a great camera for the price!

I use the drone for work to take aerial shot of my work sites when needed. As a start up business i couldnt afford a dji maveric like i want so i bought this. Camera is great! And it folds to be small and portable so i can easily pack it into truck. And with the drone paired to my note 9 i now i have great tool on my hands. I got the one with 3 battery packs so i always have the juice needed. Fantastic drone for the price!

carol fenstermacher
Really like the E58

This drone is exactly as described by the seller. It folds and is small but when operating its a powerful little drone. This drone meets all my expectations.

G Saunders
Pleasantly Surprised to Find This Drone is Well Worth $79

I got this little Eachine E58 from Amazon because of the liberal return policy and I was expecting this little drone to be a dud. I used to think it was horrible that they closely mimic a Mavic Pro with their design and paint job, and some E58 ads actually have a picture of a Pro. I bought it expecting to find it impossible to fly so I could trash it honestly the next time I was asked about it.What I found was a nice little $79 drone with three easily recharged LIPO batteries and a controller that uses AA . The startup procedure isn't obvious, but a bit of puzzling over the few paragraphs of instructions got it flying as soon as a battery was charged with a minimum of confusion.It is relatively stable compared to other toy drones I've flown once and thrown away, but nowhere near as rock-solid as the Mavic Pro it imitates. It wanted to drift steadily to the right and backwards so it needed quick correction, but this one was drifting slowly enough out of the box that I believe even a noob at drones would stand better than half chance of pulling off a first flight without crashing.I think a Tello is a better built and more capable mini-drone because it has an effective downward vision system and doesn't drift if it's flown in good light so it can perceive texture under it. The Tello plus a controller is a $150+ rig, and the E58 with a controller can bet got for $90 with 3 batteries. I think it's worth the savings if you want a cheap drone and would recommed the E58 as a good, cheap drone.The E58 has left/right and forward/backward trim buttons on its controller, and it'll maintain altitude with an OK little barometric altimiter. With just a little bit of practice it'll hover in place easiy, but is just as easily pushed around by a gust of wind since it apparently doesn't have IMU.I like the DJI GO4 and Parrot FreeFlight Apps better on a smartphone better than the one for the E58, but it's OK.The camera doesn't really have a gimbal, but you can push it up and down before a flight. The FPV is fine enough, and I believe the combo of an easy to fly drone plus FPV makes learning faster, makes it easier to think like the tiny little man in the drone when the thing's flying at your head.So, I'm favorably impressed with the value of this little drone. It can't compare in any way with the $799 drone it mimics, but I think it beats most other toy drones with FPV. I don't think it's as capable of aerobatics as a Tiny Whoop or other tiny drone that needs a $99 controller and can fly upside down. But, again, for $79 vs $179+, an E58 is excellent value...Now that I've flown it a few times I'll probably sell it on eBay and see what a used, flight-tested, E58 is worth.Some other tiny drones with FPV

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