Portable Waterproof Speaker For Showers With Rhythm

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Customer Reviews

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All about that Bass Bluetooth Speaker
Aysia Randall

I love this product. I have been using it for about 2 months and it sounds great. There is a lot of bass in it and it’s money well spent. I I’ve only charged it 3 or 4 times since I bought it and I use it everyday. The audio is good. Don’t recommend using it on a call they can’t really hear you but you can hear them. Not sure if you can change to a different song using the device. Still learning it but great quality and the plug is very secure so no water will get in it. It’s a little hard to get out I was scared I was gonna break it. Anyway, I be jamming everyday. Get you one so you can jam too.

Great little speaker!

I bought this for my teen boys to use in the shower. So far they both love it! They don't actually put it in the shower, so I can't speak to the total waterproof power, but they do use it with wet hands. So far, no problems. I can hear it clear across the house, so I can vouch that the sound is nice. It's not the best sounding speaker, but it certainly does the job! My oldest has taken it for mountain bike rides, too, and mud and light rain haven't mess it up, either. Would buy this again.

Small but loud!

Of all the Bluetooth speakers I've tried in the past, this one has probably surprised me the most. It's not very large (perhaps only slightly larger than the palm of your hand), yet can get quite loud without compromising the sound quality. Basic speaker sounds (i.e when you turn it on, off, or if the battery is low) aren't too loud or annoying like the great majority of Bluetooth speakers I've owned. Battery life is about as advertised, however charging time takes a couple hours which can be irritating.One subtle but effective design quality I liked is that the logo isn't made too prominent, which is nice bc they look like your typical speakers without the annoying badge/logo everywhere. Would recommend, but take a second look at the dimensions before buying bc they are quite small.

Great little portable speaker

I listen to podcasts and audiobooks all day, and I can’t bear to listen via the speakers on my phone. I have been using Echos in every room, but that way I have to log in to each speaker when I move about. I always ended up annoying others by being logged into the wrong speaker. So, I decided to purchase this little mobile unit. I’ve not been disappointed. The sound is great and it connects easily to my phone. Some day perhaps Bluetooth can auto connect according to location of device, but until then I can use this cute little guy.

Exceptional low price speaker
Anthony Grecco

The Bluetooth connection is nearly instantaneous. We keep these in the shower, no issues so far with being exposed to a very damp environment. We don't let them get directly impacted by the water from the showerhead. Often the volume is changed while in the shower and no issues have arisen from wet hands. I'm not sure how to rate the sound quality due to the bathroom environment but these can definitely get loud. We have two of these hanging on our glass shower door using the provided suction cups. They haven't fallen a single time. We've been using them for nearly a month now and have not had to rechange the speakers. We keep them turned off when we're not using them and have them set to connect to our individual phones when turned on. The product is so good that I'm interested in exploring other products that may fall under this brand.

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