Negative Ion Air Purifier For Cleaner Home Air

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Customer Reviews

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T. Marcus Allen
Clean air without cluttering your landfill, emptying your wallet or wasting space on your desk/shelf

This is a good air purifier but the best thing about it bar none is that t uses an electronic filter. It looks cool. It has a desk lamp feature. It will monitor your air quality. However, the fact that there are no filters to replace, throw away and buy more of is hands down my selling point. Five stars for that alone.The electronic filter system can effectively remove pollutants, that carry negative charged static electricity, then release the positive high-voltage electrostatic adsorption this electronic filter technology provides cleaner, safer air quality. I love not changing the filer. I am enjoying not changing it right now. Here I go again, I just didn't change it. This is my favorite part of the design.The air purifier has a built-in air quality LED, which can display in real-time to safely protect your health. When PM2.5≤35, the air quality is good and the blue LED is displayed. When PM2.5≥115, the air pollution is serious and a red LED is displayed.It is also a desk lamp, no wasted footprint here!TO wrap up... It cleans the air without cluttering your landfill, emptying your wallet, or wasting space on your desk/shelf... I can't think of an improvement.

stop sneezing and clean up your air elegantly

If you suffer from allergies oh my you need to get this air purifier for your home with a reusable electronic filter, no need to replace the filter. That is so smart, and it is also a lamp, not only adding air quality but ambiance to your room. You get better purifying as it uses an electronic filter, which can effectively remove the bad air or pollen allergens around the living space.I did a little research and electronic filters make the air carry negative high voltage static electricity, then release the positive high-voltage electrostatic adsorption minus the bad stuff or pollution providing you with cleaner air. If you live in a city with high allergies get one of these even if your air conditioner has an allergy filter this space is too big, put this in the living room like we did where you sit and watch tv as a family.With long life, and the fact this electronic filter only needs to be cleaned once every six months, and no need to replace the filter. That is a game-changer and the electronic filter energy efficient than your more traditional hepa air purifiers that need to pass through multi-layer fiber nets, which have high density and simply require a lot more electricity.Then the coolest thing is the air quality detection has a built-in led which can be sensitive and displayed in real-time the air quality is good and the blue led is displayed. when air pollution is serious a red led is displayed. Not to mention the cool lamp and I think this is just a sleek and modern-looking device. Clean up the air stop sneezing as much with the features of speeds and timing and others this is the one.

Ron Crawford
Easy to use and clean.

I have placed this in our new travel trailer that has been in storage all winter. It has worked wonders on pulling all the dust out of it. Easy to use and very quiet.

Maria Duwe
love it

works great near my pc. I wish it had a place for essential oils like the larger ones do though.

Doug & Sue S
this little filter works great !

the filter is electric charged to cause static so the bad stuff sticks to it. it is hard plastic that you can remove take apart and vacuum off, you can not wash it but i have not felt the need to because it vacuums very easy.

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