Mini Magnetic Flashlight

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Customer Reviews

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Lauren P.
Great investment

Got this flashlight for my elderly parents, and it’s been a game-changer for them. The sturdy design and easy-to-use tool is very useful in helping them to navigate around the house at night, without needing to turn all the lights on and wake the others.

Christopher M.
Must-have for all

I keep this flashlight in my emergency kit at home, and it's proven its worth during power outages and severe weather that we often get. It really is the first thing I reach for during the storm when the lights start to flicker. And the fact that it’s tiny and waterproof? Can’t recommend a better tool to add you your emergency kit.

Jessica L.
Excellent gift

Got this flashlight as a gift after I moved into my new house. I live in an area where we get really bad weather that often causes blackouts, some that even last a few days, so it only seemed smart to have a reliable flashlight. This truly is a great investment, and I recommend everyone get one. During the last blackout, we didn’t have electricity for over a day, and during the dark time, this flashlight was the only light source in my home. It lasted the whole night and still shined brightly the next day.

Emily J.
Amazing flashlight

Finally, a truly reliable flashlight! It’s super powerful and light to carry around, so I always keep it on me. Its usefulness also extends beyond the nighttime. I recently had to deal with a blackout, and this flashlight was the one that lasted the longest out of all of them. Truly a remarkable tool to have around.

Olivia G.
Very satisfied

I bought this flashlight for my husband, who works in construction, and he swears by it. The sturdy design withstands drops and rough handling on the job site, and the rechargeable battery saves us money in the long run.

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