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Perfect office contraband heater!

This little heater is perfect if you need a little extra warmth at your desk. It's practically silent, which is a huge plus for hiding heaters that are against company rules. So long as you keep it within a few feet, you'll get plenty of heat to take the chill of a cold office. It will not heat up your whole cube or office, so you won't hear complaints from those weirdos who are hot all the time. And so what? Who wants to share their precious heat with those jerks anyway? Since it's low wattage, there's less of a chance of blowing out a block of breakers in your crappily wired office building. Stay toasty, my friends!


I purchased my Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Space Heater sometime in March of 2016 because my crew and I had "the back" makeshift offices built in haste as the company had grown. The area was formally a storage facility in which our cheap ass boss threw in some cubicles and voilà, there's your damned office! The owner wanted no one in the building to use space heaters because they ran up the bill and tripped the circuit breaker which was not built to handle multiple computers, laser printers, fax machines, and phone lines. Any time an employee snuck a space heater into their cubicle and turned it on within a few minutes the breaker would give off a loud alarm as everything went suddenly black. I was determined to find a solution. I didn't know that you could purchase heaters with such low load. I had always purchased heaters for my home which were higher wattage products. At the time, it seemed like a lot of money for such a small heater. At this price I would usually purchase a regular one at Walmart but now I had wattage issues and my fingers were turning blue at the computer... I bought it. When I turned it on (I was nervous, of course) I held my hands up to the vents and kinda giggled. Then I could feel the warmth on my face. But my feet were getting no benefit so I placed the heater on the floor under my desk. I felt the heat up to my legs but my hands were cold again. I know that heat rises so I found a position for the heater about 1 - 2 feet from the floor and pointed it toward my body. I wore warm footwear and since my core temperature was now warmer the rest of my body and appendages were fine. The moral of the story is that this is a FANTASTIC 200W heater and it's not going to slip out of the time space continuum and outperform a 1500W unit. My personal experience has been...1. It lasts - it has undergone 3 years of constant use. I even use it in my 10x14 bedroom at home.2. I feel comfortable heat around it - within a decent 3 to 4 foot radius.3. It's incredibly discrete. Actually some of my coworkers felt the heat from my area but couldn't figure out why.4. It won't overload your circuit (unless you live on "Little House on the Prairie").5. It's quiet but not so quiet where you couldn't hear it while listening for it in a dark soundless room.Would I buy it again? Yes! If the quality control standards are as they were 3 years ago. But alas, as many of us veteran Amazonians know even this changes with time. My best advice would be to heed the SENSIBLE newer positive reviews you see regarding this space heater. It really is a fantastic little heater and it's treated me right for 3 years now.Cheers!

LOVE this heater

LOVE this heater. Bought it for my office desk. Keeps me warm when the guys I work with are trying to freeze me out with the A/C set to Antarctica temperatures.

Perfect for Small Jobs or Weirder Uses Like Mine
Steven Woodcock

This is an EXCELLENT little electric heater, and the fact that it draws only 200W is even better.I bought this to provide some supplemental heat to my newly constructed solar shed. I live off-grid, and recently completed building a new shed for all of my solar equipment (inverters, charge controllers, batteries) that would provide them with better protection against the cold than the older shed could provide. The new shed is all ICF in construction and while that is a fantastic insulator I was concerned that the equipment in there wouldn't generate sufficient heat to keep everything cozy (batteries like more or less the same environment as people) when outside temperatures plummeted. The problem is that most electric space heaters draw WAY more power (~1500W) than you want on a solar energy system since they're basically dead electrical shorts. Not a good situation.That's when I found this puppy and thought I'd give it a try. Since it only draws 200W and the new shed is extremely well insulated I figured it might be worth a shot. I put it on a temperature-controlled outlet so it only switches on when the internal shed temps drop enough, and long story short it's worked like a champ so far! Makes decent heat for such a little thing and more than enough when used inside a well insulated shed.I suspect it works quite well in its intended "under the desk" useage to keep one's legs warm and such too. Very nice heater, definitely recommended (whether it's for a little shed or under your desk).

Whisper quiet heater!!!

So far I've only owned this for a few hours, but I'm so in love that I have to review this! First, this is whisper quiet! I bought this heater to replace my Holmes space heater because it was too loud. Loud is a relative term. I work in a quiet office. When the Holmes space heater is on, I have to turn up my music and then it gets loud in the office. With this new Lasko heater, I can keep my music on low and still get toasty warm!It takes a few minutes for the Lasko to warm up the space versus my Holmes heater which was almost instant warm. But I'm talking approximately 5 minutes to warm up the space. This really is super quiet. Have you ever been so close to your computer tower that you can hear the CD spin in the drive or the fan running to cool the computer? That's about the same noise level as the Lasko. It's embarrassing how much I've in love with a space heater!(Don't mind the scuffs, I already hit it against the wall)

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