Magnetic Wireless Charger For Fast Wireless Charging

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Good minimalist unobtrusive and fast charging wireless pad.

This thing is so slim and minimalist. And the cable is so thing and fragile looking too. It's a little bit unnerving, but on the website they say it is more reliable than a normal thick cable. So that's that. Anyway, it occupies less bulk on my desk which can be counted as a plus. I use this with my galaxy s21 ultra and it says fast wireless charging. So it is giving me 15W charging i guess which is what i wanted.. not the slow 9 or 10W chargers from Samsung. Although the magnetic attachment is only supported in iphone 12, i'm perfectly fine to use it on my desk in non magnetic mode. Good product overall. I'd have loved if the cable was not attached to the pad permanently but rather through a usb-c port. But that would have increased the price i guess.

Magnetic Wireless Charger gets 5-Stars - Apple gets 1-star
Sami Kenney

My wife switched from Android to Apple so we had zero Apple chargers in our house. And of course, Apple didn't include the charger this year, which we have plenty of high-powered chargers that allow for USB so she thought she was fine. But this stupid iPhone would get upset my those chargers. It would either not charge, charge super slow, or say the phone was wet. Made no sense. We've never had that problem with any other phone, ever. So my wife was walking around with a dead battery all the time.That's where this charger came in. Mad at Apple I refused to buy their expensive MagSafe charger, but I loved the idea of it and knew my wife would enjoy the experience of a magnetic charger stuck to the back (no cable to worry about on the back).This charger is awesome! I will say I'm surprised how fast this charges as well as it doesn't make the phone super hot. My only gripe with it is I wish the cable was a little longer so it makes it easier to sit on the couch while charging, but nothing a battery pack or extension cable couldn't solve. Also happy it's USB-C.I also love the look of this one more than Apple's and the power brick is super small and sleek. I already had their USB C 90W Charger for my laptop and knew they made awesome products and have great customer service, so knew this product would be great. Great job Magnetic Wireless Charger!

Adapter included!
Jeremy Jacob Frost

Here is the deal, Apple says they are all about environmentalism and they want to be carbon neutral by 2030... All they are doing is passing the carbon footprint onto the consumer. Aukey does it right by including everything you need inside one small box, shipping it once and saving more of a carbon footprint than apple has any right to claim.Now lets move on to the product. This thing works flawlessly. Charging speeds seem snappy compared to a regular wireless charger and the included wall adapter can be used with your existing cables to offer faster charging capabilities. According to testing this thing actually beats the Apple Magsafe charger at its own game!

I love these
Will Work For Chicken Wings

I've bought 2 of these so far. One I have attached to a suction cup car mount for use as an adjustable desktop dock. The other I have attached to a vent mount for my car. The one in the car is attached to this mount and works wonderfully. I did have to cut the lip around the silicone part of the mount to let the magsafe charger stick to it but it holds my iphone well with a case with built in magnets. For the desk mount I had to buy another similar, cheaper, vent mount to scavenge the silicone magsafe puck holder. Again, I had to cut the lip off but now I have rock solid wireless charging mounts on the 2 places I have my phone when it's not in my hands or pockets.I don't have the apple official magsafe charger but I don't imagine it can be good enough to justify the price over this one, especially when you have to factor in the cost of the adapter that Magnetic Wireless Charger saw fit to include. This one sticks hard enough to my phone and charges nicely. I had no idea how annoying I found trying to plug in my phone in the dark until I didn't have to anymore.

Sleek beautiful charger, and through the case.

I just love the name “Magnetic Wireless Charger” for this great magnetic wireless charger for iPhone 12’s. This charger has a mini-type c pd adapter included and a fast wireless charging pad compatible with MagSafe iPhone cases.This is a 20w USB c power adapter that provides fast charging with either magnetic chargers or USB c to lightning cables. , and all in a compact form – the same size as apple’s 5w adapter.I am going to mention this again as this is a through-case charging with magnetic, suitable for use with apple’s magnetic cases. That is why you do not use a lot of very cool magnetic chargers as they don’t work with your case, this one does just get the case and this cool charger.sleek & compact measures 62mm x 6.1mm and crafted with a lightweight aluminum base it is just cool, buying them for everyone in the house to put on the nightstand.

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