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Customer Reviews

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Great Product, No Complaints...passing on some tips that could be made more clear
Norma Marmolejo Moon

This is a great product and excellent value for all the same reasons echoed by numerous 5-star reviews. I just wanted to share a few tips and lessons-learned that I thought were not clear in the users manual or product description. 1.) The 5-DEGREE TUNABLE BLADE adjustment on the main body only works with the hair clipper, not the beard or detail trimmer heads 2.) The PRECISION DIAL from 3mm to 8mm only works with beard trimmer and detail trimmer heads 3.) 5 of the 6 guide combs have 2mm ranges (i.e., 4-6mm, 7-9mm, 10-12mm, 16-18mm, 22-24mm) which is only applicable if using the guide combs with the hair clipper head with the tunable blade adjustment (0.5mm to 2.5mm adjustment). For some reason, the 3mm guide comb does not have this range, but it should be 1mm-3mm I believe.

Absolutely blown away.
Joshua S. Chap

I am blown away with this trimmer. As someone who has been balding for the last few years I prefer to use a trimmer to shave my head myself. In the last few years I've been trying to find a trimmer that does a decent job, and while none of them were terrible none of them really were all that great.This trimmer is pretty amazing. My hair feels very smooth and even unlike so many other trimmers I have used in the past. So many other trimmers have had the top of my head feeling coarse and sometimes even itchy at times. This one not at all. I feel like I just came out of a professional stylist with how clean and smooth my head feels.As for the beard trimmer it feels as similar quality. I've had so many electric trimmers in the past to trim my beard and for the most part they get the job done. I don't to a ton of shaving but I like to keep myself well kempt, and when I do I don't want to feel like after I shaved I feel like I have sandpaper on my face. While an electric trimmer is not going to get anywhere near as close of trim as a razor it does a very good job where the hair does not feel coarse at all. As someone who really can't use razors as it makes my skin break out, it is nice that at least now I can feel good when I do trim my facial hair it doesn't feel like I my face went through a grinder.I can't really say much else about the accessories as I won't be using those as I have no hair on my head and I vary rarely shave my beard other then some trimming on the sides. The batter lasts a very long time and you are even supplied a 2nd batter as a backup. So I have a feeling this trimmer will be lasting me a very long time. More than worth the asking price.

reliable, easy to use and well-worth buying

At this price, it’s we’ll-worth buying. I’ve had quite a few trimmers in the past, each ended up needing replaced because of poor cutting, loud noises and crappy maneuverability. Not this time, the charge on this model holds up well, you won’t miss having a cord. The trimmer is wicked comfy, way better than tugging around a corded version. I’ve started trimming my head every other day with it and zero hassles or issues. I felt comfortable enough to trim my beard as well using the attachments, NO problems and this trimmer was even able to cut the mouth/mustache area with ease, and precision. Just do yourself a favor, buy this model and don’t worry about replacing it for a while, or get two, one for home and travel. It’s lighter than an inferior Wahl trimmer and packs easily. Did I mention you can wash it in the spigot, or shower ... another bonus over a corded trimmer.

A great purchase. Don't worry about wireless being less powerful
Min G. Kang

I have been cutting my own hair for 10 years. Not just buzzing it, but styling it and adding fades into it, too. I was so hesitant to buy a wireless hair trimmer because I was concerned about its power compared to the cord ones. One time I bought a Wahl wireless clipper and I was so disappointed.I saw your product and I read the reviews carefully. After comparing many products, I decided to give it a try with your product. It was a great decision, the power did not disappoint me. It is not too bulky, just the right size. Not heavy either. I've been using it for almost a month now and I'm very happy with my purchase. I cut my hair once a week, each time it takes about 20 minutes. After 3-4 usages, the battery is at 70%. I haven't noticed the power getting weaker. Hopefully, it will stay like that when it is at 30, 20%, but even if it doesn't, the product came with a spare battery so I'm not too concerned.

High quality... Will it ever need a charge?

I've had this product for about 3 months now. I use it every 3-4 days to trim my facial hair from out of control to neat. I love the fact that it has an adjustable dial in the main setting ranging from .5mm to 2.5mm. This quickly allows me to trim around my lips a little shorter than the rest of my face and allows for a lot of flexibility. I have also used it for shaving my body hair and the attached guards work very well. Overall the quality of the trimmer was way higher than I expected. It is fully metal, very heavy and seems like it would have cost three times as much. The other feature that's amazing is the battery still shows 80% and I've never charged it since the first time... Will it ever need a charge??

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