Laser Distance Meter For Every Craftsman

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Customer Reviews

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This works great!
Stacy J.

I really like this laser tape measure! The included case, reflection card, and strap make this a very nice bundle. I compared the accuracy to another laser ruler I recently received and the results are nearly the same. I did my best to measure the same distances with both meters and the results for both were very very similar. I did notice that the brightness of the laser was higher with this unit than the other I tested with.I find these very useful for determining the square footage of a room for carpet installs or painting walls. These save so much time in not needing to deal with a traditional tape measure. However, if I'm working on a project that requires precise cuts or measurements, I'll still use a standard tape.

Accurate measurement.
Darika Williams

I like it very much, and the logistics is very fast.

Easy and fast way to get interior measurements
Dave Evers

I’ve used this a few times to get rough estimates of interior room dimensions. Haven’t yet had the opportunity to compare the measurements to a tape measure, but I’m pretty sure they are close enough for most things (like carpet or paint surface estimates). Outside measurements have been a challenge unless there is a flat target to aim at, but I don’t think that is it’s intention. I am liking this so far.

The packaging is very good and contains batteries.

Very pleasantly there is a battery, which other manufacturers do not have. I am very happy.

Pretty great for the price!
scott Vo

Pretty accurate laser measuring tool. It adds and subtracts for simple measures. It can do area measurements as well. I usually don’t trust these devices but it was accurate to my tape measure. I would use this to measure great distances for estimates and sq footage.

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