Coffee Mug Warmer for Always Hot Coffee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
So far so great!
Cherie Martin

I just plugged this in and started using it. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My coffee is the perfect temperature all the time, and it has an auto off function that turns off the device when there is no cup on it. I understand you can also put candles on it which will release the scent without a physical flame. I haven't tried it yet, but looking forward to it. Hopefully the quality of the product will prove to last. LOVE IT!

Drink Stays Hot

I have heavy, large mugs so the weight keeps this on perpetually if I forget to take it off. The unit has been on for 8 hours due to me forgetting to take off the mug and there was no issue with it overheating. The coffee I forgot also was still hot. I got it because I teach English and I go many minutes between sips. Never had an issue with it being cold

My wife loves it

My wife loves to have her coffee and tea continuously hot and this product is just perfect. Absolutely no complaints.

One of the best products in winter. Must have.
Sherry H

Very useful water/coffee warmer in winter time! It’s really keep warm and not too hot for the water/coffee when you try to drink it. I highly recommended this product! Love it.

Great little appliance
Amy H

I love this device. I make a pot of tea and leave it on this while I work. It keeps it nice and warm for when I refill my mug. Because it shuts off when you lift off the mug or teapot I never have to worry about it overheating. Just don’t forget and leave an empty container in it.

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