Classic Driving Glasses

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Customer Reviews

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Solved Bright Light problem

My husband has a really difficult time driving at night, especially in the rain. I bought these glasses and it has made a big difference. Then glasses do a great job dimming then bright white light from headlights.The style of the frames are nice and they are sturdy. I kept the package it came with a nice holder.

Tripp's mom ;)
These glass are great! Would recommend to family and friends in a second!

These glasses are amazing. They come in a really nice box, with a squishy drawstring glasses bag, a nice cleaning cloth and a screwdriver keychain to tighten/loosen screws. I have driven with the glass on during the day and at night. It makes the background crystal clear but headlights still have halos unfortunately (unless it's just my eyes). I even tried them on while watching there is a great use for them! It makes the tv shows so much more crisp! All in all I really do like these glasses and would definitely recommend!

if you have problems at night with glare give these a try

Bought these for my Dad who is in his 70’s and having issues with nighttime driving. Led headlights make it hard for him to see the road at times and he was pretty much avoiding driving after dark. These glasses have helped him with glare tremendously. He says it cuts the glare by at least 80% and he’s now able to get out at night when he needs to without the worry of being blinded on the road by super bright led headlights.

Great glasses for driving visibility

I had lasik surgery done several years ago. Occasionally I find that I get more glare at night. Not overwhelmingly, but a noticeable difference. Anyhow, I thought I'd try these out for a bit, and wham! these glasses really do a great job of removing night time glare. Happy with them.

Marie Nazaroff
Worth the buy if you have trouble seeing at night when you drive

Unboxing was simple. Comes with a carrying bag, lens cleaning cloth, mini eyeglass repair screwdriver and a little test card. I have night vision issues so I was excited to try these she couldn't wait for it to get warm. These are pretty cool and I could definitely see better with them.

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