Video Intercom For Safety of Your Front Door

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Customer Reviews

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Superior to Ring in almost every way

I got both this doorbell and the Ring Peephole Camera. The HD Doorbell was superior to the ring in almost every way. Better aspect ratio, better picture quality, no subscription required, free chime, better at detecting motion, no connection issues (live view always came up instantly whereas the Ring almost always had delays or connection issues). However, I ended up returning the HD Doorbell for one reason (which admittedly is overly nitpicky) - the battery is internal, so when it runs out of juice, you need to charge it for several hours and you are essentially without a doorbell. Another small gripe I had was there is no way (other than activating the alarm which emits an annoying noise) to have audible motion alerts through the chime.

Impressed with the quality

Pro - easy install, maybe 30 minutes Cost, easily beats Ring Notifications are quick and I see the person coming up the walk Awesome picture/recording very bright even at night No cost recordings - they are stored on a micro SD card in the chime Connected to internet quicklyCon - so far noneI had Ring previously and the recording was always the person walking away. HD Doorbell shows the person walking up to the door and it is bright and clearWas not real happy at first with battery life but I removed a flag and the battery is now lasting for a much longer time. Also helps to set the area to monitor - I just do my driveway and walk

Diane B
Get this video doorbell! I highly recommend it!

This video doorbell was one of the best purchases I’ve made in 2020!The picture is very clear. Night vision is just as clear as day vision (it is black and white though).It’s also very adaptable to the owners needs. I have set parameters to prevent cars driving on the street from setting it off. I have also adjusted the volume of the inside doorbell, and made my HD Doorbell perfect for my needs.The best part is, you don’t need a monthly subscription to view recordings. The HD Doorbell has a micro as card slot to record all motion detected.The battery is rechargeable, it take a little while to recharge but lasts about two weeks on one charge. (Depending on use. It lasts that long for me.)If you’re on the fence about which video doorbell to get, this one is the one! It is perfect!

Deborah Keen
Easy to set up, works flawlessly

We researched every type/brand of doorbell, and ultimately went with this one based on reviews and our needs. One of our needs was to video record without having to pay monthly fees for yet another cloud storage. In addition I did not want wired, although most are recommended. We live in an older townhouse and old wiring is always a concern.We could not be any happier with our decision to purchase this doorbell. Set up and installation couldn’t have been any easier (we literally only needed a screwdriver to mount the doorbell). We installed a micro sd card and it immediately reformatted for maximum recording storage. The front of our house is dark but the night recording is crystal clear. The zoom feature for human faces on alerts is so good, and we did not realize it had this feature. We have done a little tweaking for the motion area, and it works and records flawlessly. Highly recommend whatever your needs are.

Char T.
Torn on a doorbell camera? BUY THIS

We'd been looking for a battery replacement for our previous doorbell camera. I knew I didn't want to be paying monthly for a subscription service so I came across HD Doorbell and had it in my cart for over a month trying to decide. I am so mad at myself for waiting so long to get this product. It was so incredibly easy to install and had it up and working like nothing. Granted I was able to use previous wall mounting holes but instructions and steps were easy for set up. Don't waste time weighing other options. This is the one you need to get. Will definitely be looking into their other products to add on as well because it not only works with alexa, but google home as well! Also wasn't sure but it did come with the optional tilt mount if you need it at an angle!

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