Wide Angle Dash Cam For Recorded Proof You Might Need

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Customer Reviews

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This product is great, and the quality meets the expected recommendation!
Joanna Cardona

Its quality is very good, which completely accords with the seller's description. I like it very much. This is completely beyond expectations. Satisfactory shopping experience. I hope more friends can trust it. The store owner has a good attitude. I am satisfied with the quick delivery and good attitude! Good, good! Online shopping was too tense. I didn't expect the service in the store to be so good, the goods were of good quality and low price, and the sellers were very enthusiastic. Next time, I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate next time.

What's not to like.
M. Montgomery

I don't know what the video looks like in this revue, but on my PC it is very clear. The cam is small, does not obstruct you view. Little hard to set up, but if you go to youtube there's a lot of vidos to walk you through it. I can't comment on night vision, I don't drive that much at night, sorry. After seeing the video, my daughter ordered one for her car and she already has a camera in her car. I can't find anything I don't like about this camera. It works just fine. I might get one for the back window. In the video I was pressing buttons, that's why all the beeping.

Great product for the Price!!!

This has amazing quality! I bought 8 of these for my fleet of drivers and it caught an accident perfectly! The video quality caught the license plate perfectly and the wide view caught the car not putting on his blinker and just coming over and hitting our service van! Plus this camera has audio that is actually really good quality because our vans can sound very loud and eco-y. We also got SD Cards for each of the dash cams and formatting them was very easy! BONUS: This company gives you free gifts and one of the free gifts right now as of 3/3/21 is a 34GB SD Card!!!!!!!!! BONUS BONUS: The seller contacts you via email to make sure you have no problems setting up your dash cam!10/10 WOULD RECOMEND

AWESOME DASH CAM!! For your car

Incredible little device, this little camera packs a punch especially when you look at the financial or economical aspect.Packaging is perfect it’s very easy to install and once installed the configurations are easy to understand I was actually shocked when I started driving and recorded my driving then I took out the memory and put it on my computer and wow I was amazed at the quality, for less than $30 this device can help you avoid problems with a car accident.If you’re just looking for a simple camera for your vehicle look no further this camera is way worth It. The camera is very clear and the sound also is extremely clear I would highly recommend it to anybody that’s looking not to spend too much money and want a simple dash cam this is the want to go to.

Don’t hesitate, BUY IT!
Jessica C

As I am writing this review, I realized I should have taken more photos!! I thought I had more on my phone. With that being said -The instillation was easy.. I wired mine up through the front headliner. The whole process took about 5 minutes. Setting the camera up took about 5 minutes as well. The picture quality is great, night vision is prefect. Very visible so far in foggy/smoggy climates as well! You do need an SD cars in order for it to record, so make sure you buy one when you purchase the camera.I bought it because I live in California and I drive the 101 daily for my work commute. I’ve seen some crazy accidents right in front of me, and I decided it was time to better protect myself (insurance wise) if something ever happened to me.I am very happy with this purchase and I have been recommending it to all of my friends!

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